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Snow and Ice Control

New Snow Ordinance

Oswego Township has implemented a Snow Ordinance to prohibit parking on Township Roads during snow events with a total accumulation of 2″ or greater.

This ordinance will allow the Oswego Township Road District to remove snow Properly, Efficiently and Safely for our School Busses, Garbage Trucks and Emergency Vehicles without any Parked Cars hindering this process.  Once the snow removal process has been completed, parking will again be permitted on the streets

Oswego Township begins salting when the snow starts to accumulate and traffic safety is affected. We spread rock salt treated with liquid calcium chloride, which will melt snow and ice when ambient temperatures are as low as zero degrees. If snow accumulation reaches 1 to 2 inches, the crews will begin snow plow operations. When this is complete, the centerline of most streets are reapplied with salt and chloride. Please Note: DO NOT PARK ON YOUR STREET IF SNOW IS ANTICIPATED, OR IF YOUR STREET HAS NOT BEEN PLOWED. Our crews do not intentionally plow in your drive, nor aim for your mailbox. Our snowplows are of the same side delivery design as all other municipalities. This is the fastest and the most efficient means to remove snow from the streets. As a result, snow is discharged to your curb, and inevitably into driveways. If possible, delay the time you clear the end of your driveway until the plows have completely cleared your street. NOTE: most of then time we initially plow several passes to open your street and the come back later to clean to the curb. Occasionally, heavy slush discharged from a plow will knock down a mailbox. Most mailboxes, if properly installed and maintained, will withstand heavy slush. The township will not be responsible for damage to improperly placed or neglected mailboxes. If your mailbox meets specifications and is damaged as a result of a plow truck hitting it, contact us and we will repair it or replace it with a standard mailbox.
View Ordinance HERE

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