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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Highway Department located, and how do I get there?

The Highway Department is located at 1150 Rt 25 Oswego, Il 60543. Just North of the Violet Patch and South of Boulder Hill Pass.

My storm drain seems to get clogged up and doesn’t drain well. Why is this?

In the Spring debris from foliage, maple tree’s samara (helicopters), grass clippings and Fall leaves can clog the drains rather quickly.  At the Road District we work hard to keep the drains clear manually as well as with our Street Sweeper.  Even with ideal drain conditions, during intense storms our infrastructure can only handle so much at once.  We ask that every capable resident try to work together to help keep storm drains near their own residence clear of debris, this can have a large impact to reduce potential local flooding risk.  If you see an issue with a storm drain near your home give us a call at the Road District office.  Please refer to our Storm Sewers Page for more information.

After a storm, what am I supposed to do with the debris in my yard?

Please call the Road District if there are trees down in the street or the Right of Way. Pick up the branches that have fallen in and around your property and place them next to the concrete curb or sidewalk with the cut or larger ends facing the street. Longer branches are better. If you wish to bundle the branches, please use twine only. The Road District will only collect the brush, not the twigs and leaves that have fallen.

You can mulch or bag your twigs and leaves and call your refuse hauler to see if they can take them. Or keep them in bags by your house (not in the Right of Way) until the next Road District leaf pickup.

What should I do if I have puddles after a rain on my sidewalk or at the curb in front of my house?

Please let the Road District know if it is a major problem. We will put a work order together to assess the problem. If able, simply sweep the water away from low spot. If we all pitch in by our homes, we can help maintain our neighborhood.

Can I put a sign in the right of way?

In regard to private signing, such as signs for garage sales, subdivisions or political signs, individuals are reminded that Illinois State Law prohibits the installation of signs, or any other work within Township right-of-way, without permission from the highway authority—in this case, the Highway Commissioner. The Oswego Township Highway Department discourages the placement of any private signing within the right-of-way. These signs can create a sight distance problem or distraction to the driver, and may cause accidents.

What can I use to mark the edge of my yard next to the road?

Click Here is the only approved marker from our Insurer and the Highway Commissioner.

I’m building a deck, shed, garage, home addition, fence, driveway, roof, etc. Do I need a permit?

In most cases, yes. Contact the Kendall County Planning Building & Zoning Department (630-553-4141) before you start your project.

I went to the County for a permit for the work I’m doing on my private property, and they said I need a permit signed from The Township Highway Department. Why?

The Highway Department issues permits to protect the right-of-way during and after the construction phase of your project. There is no cost for the permit.

There is a tree down across my street that is blocking traffic. Whom do I call?

Call the Highway Department, and we will have someone come out and remove it as soon as possible. If it is after regular business hours and is an emergency, contact the Kendall County Sheriff Department and they will notify the Township.

My street was plowed and salted, but they missed the area in front of my house. Why?

In most cases, there was a car parked in the street during the plowing operations. To avoid this situation, please make sure all cars are removed from the street and put into your driveway during plowing operations.  Please be aware there is a new Snow Ordinance, refer to our Snow and Ice Control Page for more details.

What Causes Potholes?

The climate in the State of Illinois is subject to numerous temperature swings of freeze/thaw cycles that wreak havoc on our roads.  Snow and Ice creates excess moisture that penetrates our roadway surfaces during thaw/freeze cycles.  This causes expansion and contraction in our roads surfaces which leads to the creation of potholes. Also, our roads need more salt/ de-icing materials to keep them safe for travel.

The strain that the amount of car and truck traffic our roadways experience today is far beyond what most other Townships, cities or states experience, which adds to the wear and tear on Illinois’ roads.

I live in unincorporated Oswego Township, but you never plow or maintain my street. Why?

In those cases, your street has been annexed into a City or Village. When a City or Village annexes a piece of property across the street from your property, they also annex the street and the right of way in front of your house. Or you live on a private road.

I came home and there were different colors of paint marked on the parkway in front of my home. Why?

In most cases, this is J.U.L.I.E. The utility companies in your area are locating underground utilities for a project.

My driveway apron has sunk and needs repair. Will the Township repair it?

No, Driveways and Parkways are the responsibility of the homeowner. Only the sidewalk will be repaired. Contact the Road District to inform them of the issue or concern.

The ditch or parkway in front of my home is always wet, and it hasn’t rained for a while. What could be causing this?

There are several possible reasons for this situation. The most common reason is that there is a sump pump discharging water into the ditch. The second most common reason might be a water main leak. If you think that this might be the cause, contact the Kendall County Sheriff Department and give them the address. They will assess the situation and call the proper authorities.

I have a water problem in my back yard. Will the Township come out and repair it?

No, the Township can only work on the area of accepted right of way in front of your home. Try contacting Kendall County Planning, Building and Zoning Department (630-553-4141), and see if there is something that they can do to help.

What is the “right-of-way”?

This is the area in front of your home that is owned by the public and accepted and maintained by the Township.

I’m taking a tree down on my private property. Will the Township come by and haul away the branches and logs?

No, all work done on private property must be removed and paid for by the homeowner.

My neighbor has dumped a lot of debris, brush, trash, etc. in the parkway area. Can the Township help?

Yes, if you call the Kendall County Sheriff Department first, they will call us if the resident has vacated the residence.