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Snow Ordinance 2021


RE: Parking After 2 Inches of Snowfall

The Oswego Township Road District would like to send a friendly reminder to all residents that our Winter Snow Parking Ordinance will now be going into effect. During the Winter season, we request all residents to please remove your vehicles from the roadway when 2 inches of snow has fallen. This is so our plows can clear roads for both the safe travel of residents and to guarantee emergency vehicles are able to respond quickly to priority calls.
Please note the Township Snow Parking Ordinance 2018-10 applies to all of unincorporated Oswego Township including roads, streets, alleys, highways and cul-de-sacs. The Ordinance states that no person shall park or leave standing or unattended a motor vehicle upon any such street or part of a street during or after a snowfall in which there is an accumulation of 2 inches of snow or more. Cars may return to roadways after the lane of traffic nearest the curb has been cleared of snow.
We ask residents to please remember this ordinance is for the safety of all and that the Oswego Township Road District strives to provide the best and most efficient roadway service to the Township. As such, our office will be out during any snowfall enforcing this safety ordinance. If any vehicle is parked on the roadway after 2 inches of snowfall, and has already received a warning, we will be forced to remove the vehicle at the owner’s expense so that our plows can continue to clear roads. Please help us in making our Township’s roadways safe, and as always if you have any questions, you can call the Highway Department at 630-264-4587.

Thank you for your assistance this Winter Season.
Oswego Township Road District


Dear Commish,

Douglas Road looks better than ever this summer! For the first time ever in forty-some years, Jim did not have to go out and cut the weeds around our mailbox after the township cut the rest of the ditch. And we see some new drain pipes going in down the street this morning. Hope that helps out there.

But most importantly, we see better attention to safety: more signs used and trucks with flashers following mowers for protection and visibility .

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