Paving Projects 2013

Afton Dr.

Gentilly Dr.

Heathgate Rd.

Pendleton Dr.

Denham Dr.

Tealwood Rd.

Braeburn Dr.

Beauwick Dr.

Sonora Dr. (From Longbeach to Fernwood)

Springdale Rd. (From Longbeach to Heathgate)

Audrey Ave. (Fields Dr. to Kendall Township Limit at Thornhill)

Schmidt Ln.

Thornhill Ct.

Gilda Ct.

Collins Rd. (From Douglas to Gilmoure)

Collins Rd. (From Plainfield to Oswego Village Limit)

Minkler (From Kendall Township Limit to Oswego Village Limit)

Redhawk Dr.

Redhawk Ct.

Burkhart Dr.

Completed Projects 2012

Fernwood Rd. ( Briarcliff to Winrock)

Hunter Dr.

Hunter Ct.

Somerset Dr.

Scarsdale Rd.

Fields Dr.

Reservation Rd.

Schlapp Rd.

Completed Projects 2011

Dolphin Ct.

Anchor Dr.

Marlin Rd

Shell Ct.

Shore Ct.

Kevin Ln.

Kristene St.

Mary St.

Rick Ct.

St. George Ln.

Woolley Road ( From Douglas East to Stewart)

Simons Road ( From Douglas East to Gilmour


Completed Projects 2010


Augusta Rd.

Century Dr.& Ct.

Bucher Dr.

Laurie Ln.

Dolores St.

Countryview Dr.

Buell Rd.

Herrens Ln.

Reservation Road - West end

Tomahawk Trail


Completed Projects 2009


Douglas Road ( Wolf Rd. to Woolley Road )

Marnel Road

Winrock Road

Stratford Road

Amesbury Road

Aldon Road


Completed Projects 2008


Reservation Road

Roth Road

Stewart Road

Appaloosa Road

Palimino Lane

Anchor Drive

Boat Lane

Shore Court

Marina Drive

Cayman Road

Circle Drive East- from Boulder hill pass to Saugatuck

Fernwood Road- from Briarcliff to Rt.25


Completed Projects 2007


Douglas Road

Simons Road

Leasure Ln

Dreas Dr

Royce Rd

Amy Dr


Completed Projects 2006


Oak Creek Drive

Winding Creek Drive

Timber Creek Ct

Sundown Lane

Briarcliff Road

Completed Projects 2005

Whitney Way

Woodcliff Drive

Knollwood Road

Longbeach Road (from Circle Dr. East to Winrock Rd.)

Boulder Hill Pass (from Saugatuck to Township line)

Circle Drive East (from Saugatuck to Marnel Rd.)

West Dr.

Cherry Dr.

Riverview Ct.

Pleasantview Ct.

Osage Ct

Minkler Road (from Bridge to Township line)

Includes lowering of hill at curve.